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Attention! Please, adhere to anti-epidemic measures for coronavirus disease prevention.


Work of a medical institution in quarantine conditions

Medical staff of the institution is prepared and operates in a strict anti-epidemic regime. Developed and conducted in full range of measures necessary to prevent the spread of acute respiratory disease caused by COVID-19 coronaos.

The clinic works from 08:00 to 18:00, by providing medical assistance to patients in need.

At an outpatient clinical level, it is carried out:

- Clinical sorting of patients begins with temperature screening by electronic remote thermometers, after which it passes delimitation of receiving persons with temperatures and without temperature;

- Admission of patients with therapists and with a primary review necessarily conducted rapid testing for coronavirus. After the test, the therapist decides on the further tactics of review, diagnosis and treatment;

- Patients of the institution have a round-the-clock connection with healing doctors by phone.

The hospital works in a quarantine round-the-clock, providing emergency inpatient medical assistance to patients with acute disease with observance of all necessary sanitary-anti-epidemic measures.

Medical staff DO "TMO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region" is fully equipped with personal protection means, disinfectants, special medical equipment and test systems for express diagnostics for coronavirus.

Gratitude to PJSC "Lesya" is expressed by assistance in the first days of the dissemination of acute respiratory disease caused by coronavirus COVID-19 with assistance in providing medical staff by means of individual protection.

DO "TMOM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine" established interaction with the regional laboratory center and the infectious department of the KP "Hospital №1" of the Zhytomyr City Council, regarding the PCR diagnostics and treatment of patients with pneumonia caused by COVID-19

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